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[Photo: Paulding County celebrates Ohio's Centennial. c. 1903. From the Paulding County Carnegie Library Digital Collection]

Ohio Memory Scrapbook
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Paulding County 
Genealogy Society

The Paulding County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society (OGS), also known as the Paulding County Genealogy Society, welcomes you to join us if you are interested in tracing your Paulding County family history. We invite you to visit the collection at the Paulding County Carnegie Library and start an exciting journey into your family’s past! 
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Andrew Simpson, early settler of 
Paulding County, c.1870
[Photo courtesy of Vicky Mapes Hull]

Historic Photo Added to Digital Collection

The library has acquired a scan of an 1894 Broughton-Hedges school photo. The students are shown with their teacher, Etta Shafer. The photo is dated January 9, 1894 and all of the students' names are listed on the back. This item is viewable at the library in 11x17 size and also by clicking on the thumbnail images below. For more information contact Susan Pieper at 419-399-2032.

The Local History Department
The Paulding County Carnegie Library is dedicated to maintaining historical information relevant to the history and genealogy of Paulding County.  The collection consists of books, maps and other items that are important when researching the history of the county.

To read historical renderings of Paulding County, follow these links:

History of the Library: 
Click here to read a brief history of the Paulding County Carnegie Library.

History of Paulding County
Click here to read an historic account of Paulding County history.

Historical Photos: 
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The library has a growing digital collection of historical photographs of Paulding County.  If you would like to add your photo or other paper item to the collection, contact the library at 419-399-2032.  We appreciate the public's support of this important historical project. 

Map of Paulding County Ghost Towns:
Click here to view a map of Paulding County Ghost Towns, courtesy of the Paulding County Engineer's Office.

Map of Paulding County Country School House Locations:
Click here to view a map of Paulding County Country School House locations, courtesy of the Paulding County Engineer's Office.

The Local History Collection includes:

On micro-film dating to late 19th century, including Paulding Republican, Paulding Democrat, Paulding Progress and other county newspapers

Books & Pamphlets:  A variety of books and pamphlets written about Paulding County, its history and villages are available for reference.

Census Records:  On micro-film comprehensive from 1840

1878 Map of Paulding County features:
Six Mile Reservoir in Antwerp
Wabash Canal
Miami Canal
Canal towns including Canalport, St. Andrews, Newberg, Murat, Timberville and Hamer
Oquanoxa's Reserve (Indian Reservation)
Names of platted land owners

1914 Soil Map of Paulding County features:
Soil profiles of clay loam, clay, heavy clay, silt loam, silty clay loam, fine sandy loam, gravelly loam
Schools including: Hook School, Erter School, Champion School, Elmtree School, Worm School, Happy Corner School, Sunny Side School, Pink School, Swamp College, Logtown School, Keppler School
Canals: Abandoned Wabash Canal, Miami-Erie Canal
Rail-Road Lines: Wabash Railroad; New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad; Cincinnati Northern Railroad; Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad

Civil War Roster Index for Ohio

World War II Veterans Lists

Paulding High School and other county high school year books, some back to early 20th century

Paulding County Recorder's Office - Deeds 1849-1940

Village of Paulding Council Minutes 1874-1991